Sunday, 25 July 2010

Carly and Eliot - St Marys and Manor Barn Buriton

Carly's dome of yellow gerberas, roses, and stephanotis studded with diamante
Lovely Carly carried a wired bouquet of yellow gerbera, roses and stephanotis with diamante's

wired dome of gerbera, roses and freesia, with diamante's

Lovely Krista (who's wedding we did in December) was a bridesmaid and carried a wired bouquet of gerbera, roses, and freesia

The top table was dressed with a garland of gerberas, roses and freesia

Carly and Eliot had martini vases with gerberas, roses and fressias

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  1. Stunning as ever xxx
    Your Rsvp card through door monday am! xxx