Tuesday, 30 August 2011

I forgot to photograph Sally's bouquets, I am hoping she sends me a photo!
Table arrangements were conical vases filled with gold glitter and wire, with a loose dome of avalanche sorbet roses, stocks, freesias, vandella roses, and dahlias

3 small long and low arrangements were placed on a curved top table

The stunning back drop installed by Styling your day added the ultimate wow factor to the Arden suite

Clem Ham - Bouquets and pew ends

Clem carried a bouquet of germinis and roses with crystals

We added pots of roses, germinis and lisianthus to the church

Claire and Jamie - New Place

Claire's beautiful bouquet

The lovely Claire

Lovely bridesmaid bouquets, were smaller versions of the brides bouquet
Chairs were dressed with sage green sashes

Tables were dressed with goldfish bowls, filled with wreaths of wedding party flowers and ferns

We placed 2 of our dressed bays at the entrance of the house

We added a topper of wedding party flowers to the cake

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Emma and Greg - The Marriott Meon Valley

Emma's stunning bouquet of avalanche roses and callas

Bridesmaids had bouquets of avalanche roses with grass cages

The top table was dressed with graduation goldfish bowls with calla lillies

Tables were dressed with crystal candelabras, foliage wreaths with lisianthus, roses and callas

Chairs were dressed with black sashes by Styling your day

3 avalanche roses were added to the top of the cake

Vikki Fisher - Botley Grange

Vikki's lovely bouquet of aqua, sweet avalanche and avalanche roses, with mimi eden spray roses

Bridesmaids bouquet

Tables were dressed with goldfish bowls of aqua roses, crystal pearls and submerged lights

We added avalanche roses to the stunning cake

The top table had a bouquet vase for Vikki's bouquet and graduated goldfish bowls

Stunning chairs, by Styling your day

Zoe D'ath - The Alverbank

Zoe's beautifully unusal bouquet of hydrangea, anthurium, bouvardia, lisianthus and roses

Lovely bridesmaids bouquets
A candleabra of wedding party flowers stood each side of the aisle and chairs were dressed beautifully by Styling your day

Zoe had crystal candelabras with hydrangea, anthuriums and roses

Alex Sidgreaves - Tithe Barn Petersfield

Alex' hand tied bouquet of hydrangea, roses and herbage

The alcoves were dressed with fairy lights

Alex had 105cm candelabras with wreaths of roses, hydrangea and herbs

Top table had bouquet vases for Ale' and the bridesmaids bouquets, plus pots of wedding party flowers and tea lights

Sweetie and card tables were decorated with pots of flowers

The lovely Tithe barn

Keighley and Carl - Marriott Meon Valley

Keighleys bouquet was callas and avalanche roses dressed with a tiffany blue ribbon handle

The lovely Keighley!

Bridesmaids carried bouquets of germinis and roses

A martini vase filled with gerberas and roses, was placed at each end of the top table

Tables were dressed with germinis and roses, set on crystal pearls, with mirror plates, scatter crystals and rose petals

Lovely Tiffany blue sashes dressed by Styling your day

Lisa Secker - Romsey Cathedral

Lisa's beautiful bouquet to compliment the Army uniforms

The lovely flower girls