Thursday, 22 April 2010

Agghh, been asked to write for Brides magazine! - Stressed is not the word!

Terrified is!
The subject : 'Novel ideas' for a white wedding..........
........ the time to deliver 24 hrs! here goes with a taster of the ideas, if published, you will get to read the rest :-)

Embellish a focal flower with crystals for the extra wow factor

Twisted willow with phials of ornithogalum for a wow factor table centre with maximum impact

Buck the trend, mass carnations together for a fun retro feel

Ask for any material from alterations of your dress to wrap the stems of your bouquet

Dust roses with translucent glitter powder to add an extra sparkle to flowers


  1. Beautiful! Love the dress being used, that's really clever. Hope it all goes well xxx

  2. Ah thanks lovie, was a hard job as amazingly I dont have that many white weddings but all done, so fingers crossed - came up with about 12 ideas eek xxx