Saturday, 6 March 2010

Dec 09 New Place wedding

Colleen, the stunning bride!
Hannah, the beautiful bridesmaid

Cake topper, wired dome of grand prix roses

The ceremony room decorated with christmas garlands and grand prix roses

Wedding party flowers grand prix roses with a silver collar for the bridesmaid

The Arden suite decorated with candelabras, crystals and petals


  1. Great images. Who's the photog that took these?

  2. Hi, I thought i would reply to your post Hanson. I was the photographer who took those images but it would seem that the site has neglected to credit me.
    You can find me under Seymour Photos and i am based in Andover.
    Perhaps, if the owner of this site were to read this comment, she may place a website link to my site on this page as the files were used without my permission.

  3. As she hasn't seen this yet i will add the link myself...
    Garry Seymour - Wedding and portrait photographer.